How will you electrify today with the IRA?

The Inflation Reduction Act has the power to deliver $858 billion in clean energy investment, saving households money, improving home health and reducing emissions. But that’s only if households know about it. There’s thousands of dollars in free money(!) for every household to go electric right now!

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Think of the last TV show or novelty food you recommended to your friends and family. Can you do that for the IRA? Does your dad or plumber know that they have thousands in incentives and rebates to make the switch to electric? Do they know that this includes the purchase of new, clean appliances like stoves and hot water heaters? Do they know that this free electric money will help them save even more money on their bills? Can you let them know?

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How will you IRA today?

Tell the world what you’ll do to electrify your life! This can be anything from getting a new stove, to lobbying your local officials, to simply making a plan to get yourself rewiring ready. The key thing is to share what you’re doing, so your friends and family can get pumped about heat pumps, too!
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A calculated selfie?

Show everyone how much $$$ they can get through the IRA with a calculator selfie. Use our household savings calculator to see how much you’ll get, and then TELL THE WORLD! Extra points if you dance while doing it!
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Show me the money!

The Inflation Reduction Act provides free money to go electric! Renters, owners, low-income, high-income, everyone! For low- and moderate-income household, the IRA makes the purchase of new electric appliances free. Tell your friends about this FREE MONEY today!
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Electrification Participation
Find out how your home is heated or cooled. What’s gas? What’s electric? What’s next?

Panel Powel
Check your electrical service and make sure you have the power to go electric.

Awareness Generator
Tell everyone about their free IRA money.

Stovetop of the Class
Research the induction stove you’ll get when your current range dies or you decide to upgrade anyway.

Be an Inflation Reduction Activator

Inflation Reduction Activator
Use our calculator to see what you’ll get and tell your friends and family.

Heatline Bling

Heatline Bling
Call a contractor to get a quote for a heat pump.

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Here’s what people are up to across the country. Share your experience!

Matt, in D.C.

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Eli, in NYC

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